St. Therese

St. Therese School's purpose is to help form the whole person spiritually, socially, culturally, and intellectually according to Christ's example as found in the gospel. In a faith filled atmosphere, the message of Christ takes priority and becomes integral to all areas of school activity. Our goal is to provide the Catholic church and the world with servant leaders immersed in the gospel values lived by Christ; our secondary goal is to provide a quality education for all students in our care.

All the members of St. Therese School staff have been specially chosen by Christ to be Christian role models. They proclaim the "Good News" of Christ to our children by teaching Christian values and serving God, the church, and the community through prayerful reflection, traditional academic and social skills, and by nurturing the development of the total child.

We believe in offering the best opportunities to all of our students while fostering a well-balanced and multi-cultural environment. Our students are of a diverse ethnic background consisting of an even percentage of Caucasian/mixed, Black, Hispanic, and Asian.

Saint Therese Catholic School is a member of the North Central Association CASI and has been accredited by the Association since 1998. Please click the icon below to view our Membership certificate of accreditation.

We'd like to thank Tim and Nate Root for their time coaching one of our schools - St Therese. We are thankful for volunteers like the Roots!

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