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St. Louis
St. Louis Catholic School Basketball

I am the athletic director for Presentation of Our Lady school. I would like to Thank You, your staff, and your donors for the opportunities you have given our school. Our grant money this year went to an unexpected expense. A young man made a terrible decision to throw a rock at our basketball backboard, it broke in pieces. This happened 3 days before the start of our basketball season and our first home game. We were so glad to have had the money to be able to replace it. Even though it was going to be a tight financial season. We did not however expect to have to replace both . The league made a decision to reschedule home games, at our gym, only if both boards were the same. We didn't have any idea how we were going to do this and still be able to fund our athletic season. Luckily about a week later your generous donation of a grant check came to us and saved our 2012-2013 athletic year. We were able to replace the boards over Christmas break and in January held our first home game. It is with the greatest gratitude that we send this email so you can share with all of those who made it possible. We some day would hope to be able to prepay the kindness you have shown us.

Thank you and God Bless!


I wanted to first thank you for all you do to help Catholic Schools maintain quality athletics through the Saint Sebastian Project. I have always believed that good things happen to those who serve the Lord. You are doing that. The impact that you and the Saint Sebastian Project on the lives of young Catholic men and women. So, thank you for making a lasting impact on the future of our Church.

Thanks for everything you were able to give us at Assumption. I can assure you that every bit of equipment will be used by our players.

God Bless,

Joe W.
Assumption Catholic School
Varsity Baseball Program
Head Coach

Blessed Champs

This is a photo of the Division 1 JV Boys team that I coach. We won the championship this past Monday in the uniforms that St. Sebastian provided for us, thanks again for your generosity!

Joe H., Blessed Sacrament AD

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I want to thank you Jeff and the St. Sebastian project for the grant you've given us for our sports program. This will help us in giving all the students that want to play sports an opportunity to be able to participate. It will also help us purchase new uniforms for the basketball teams that are in need. The St. Sebastian project has been a blessing to us and we appreciate it so much.

God Bless and Thanks again.

Roger M.
Athletic Director
Annunciation Catholic School